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Everyone could always use more support, and as a co-operative, the more people we have involved, the better. You don’t have to just love eating your 5 (or more!) a day to support us!  It is amazing what can be achieved when communitites come together. We think what we have created here at GO Local Food is pretty special and would love it if you could help us continue.  Here are some suggestions you can use to help our growing community thrive.

Join as a supporter member

You can join us as a member for an annual fee, with no obligation to subscribe to our cropshare option.  Keep up to date with all our news with weekly email bulletins. If you are local to our fields, you and your family can benefit from reduced rate event and workshop prices and you can also take advantage of our regular local food offers from local producers.  Supporter Members are part of the co-op structure, are invited to all meetings and take part in discussion and decision making.

Our weekly email The Peelings gives us an idea of what we are going to collect at the end of the week – but until the harvest is in we can not be 100% certain of how the crops will be shared.


It takes a lot of hard work to keep a co-operative running and the very nature of co-operatives mean that we succeed by combining the enthusiasm, knowledge and skills of a wide range of people. There are always tasks (big and small) to tackle and we are keen to provide opportunities for everyone, both on and off the fields.

You may be interested in something practical, but rest assured, it’s not all mud and digging. If you would prefer to help out in the warm and dry there is a task waiting for you too!  Do you enjoy being out and about, as we sometimes need people to deliver boxes of veg for special occasions?  Maybe you enjoy marketing or creating social media content, or can create posters or fliers? And of course, there are opportunities to dig, weed, sow, plant and harvest – outside or in a polytunnel.  If you think this sounds like you…

Make a donation

There are always items that are needed and do not fit easily into the budget – which means donations are always welcome!

We are very good at recycling – making practical use of ‘waste’ items, e.g. harris fencing is brilliant for beans to grow against.  However this involves time and skills that we do not always have so we are keen to build a donations ‘pot’ that can be used to purchase items as and when we need them. 

We have prepared a wish list to give you an idea of the types of things we need, from the small (hand tools) to the very large (refrigerated storage shed) and then there are items not directly related to growing (pop up gazebo for events).  Your donation could be used to buy a specific item or go towards items with larger ticket prices. 

Donors do not have to get directly involved and you can decide if we add your name to our donors list and invite you to events, or if you prefer to remain anonymous. Click the button below to make a donation to GO Local Food.

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