Crop sharing

How does it work?

Seasonal Eating

Seasonal veg for 50 weeks of the year in Northumberland – means no aubergine in December or Strawberries in March!

Each year we grow around 50 varieties of veg and produce approximately 14 tons of crops across our two sites, to share with our members. Between our Horticulturalist, workshares and volunteers we invest an average of 100 hours a week to prepare, sow, plant and harvest, on 4.5 acres of land and in 3 large and 2 smaller poly tunnels.

Growing and sharing

Crop Share subscribers receive a share of the weekly harvest. To ensure an all year round supply, during the ‘hungry gap’ we supplement our own crops with locally grown and, where possible, organic veg.

We adopt a 4 crop rotation system of – alliums, brassicas, potatoes/squash, legumes and have a hybrid approach to growing, incorporating no-dig and permaculture principles together with more traditional methods.  As much compost as possible is produced in our fantastic compost bays and we do not use chemicals on our crops. Despite careful planning and nearly 10 years experience on this site success or otherwise is heavily influenced by pests and of course the weather – quite beyond our control!

Our crop shares come in 3 sizes.

Our weekly email The Peelings gives us an idea of what we are going to collect at the end of the week – but until the harvest is in we can not be 100% certain of how the crops will be shared.

To give you an idea

Season by season, We would expect to be
sharing the following:

Autumn –  Winter 
parsnips| celeriac| potatoes| carrots| turnips| swede| leeks| cauliflower| onions| beetroot| squash | cabbage | Brussel Sprouts |broccoli

Winter – Spring
chard| spinach| kale| mustards| komatsuna| radish| green onions| rocket| chives| cabbage | chicory

Spring – Summer
beans (broad, runner, French)| peas| mange tout| lettuce| potatoes| garlic| strawberries| pak choi| Chinese cabbage | chard | onions | courgette | mooli

Summer – Autumn
onions |tomatoes| cucumber| peppers| lettuce| chillies| squash| pumpkin| cauliflower| cabbage | calabrese|